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To Upper School Parents:
Our new morning drop-off system has been going well, and we appreciate the courtesy and safety you are demonstrating each morning. It’s time for us now to introduce our school buses to the front lot to ease pedestrian traffic in the rear driveway and make it easier for the students to access the core of the campus safely.

There are two simple rules to follow if you see a bus curbside in the front loading zone.
1. If the lights are off and students are disembarking, you may pass on the left to exit the parking area.
2. If you see a flashing light or turn signal, stop immediately and yield to the bus, because it is preparing its own exit from the lot and needs to be able to make an unimpeded turn into the exit lane.
Watch the Video


Introducing Buses to the Front Lot
Please watch this video for a demonstration of the traffic patterns.
So it’s pretty simple: lights off, passing okay; lights blinking, stop and yield to the bus. If you would like a further illustration, check out the accompanying video clip.

We will be introducing buses into the lot on the morning of Monday, April 23.

As always, your patience and cooperation will help us maintain a safe and free-flowing parking lot. And, as always, feedback is welcomed.

Thank you,
Greg Lawson
Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs
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