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Crowds at Research Symposium
Dear Families,
The 12th annual research symposium is on Saturday, April 15, 2017, at the upper school campus.


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There will be fascinating poster sessions by middle and upper school researchers, impressive keynote speakers, and lots of activities for students from all four Harker divisions.

So save the date to attend, but we are also reaching out to enlist your help and support. The Harker Research Symposium enables our student researchers to interact with scientists and industry leaders in order to understand how scientific research drives the economy, shapes careers and impacts the quality of our lives. It models a real science conference with talks, poster sessions, exhibits and keynote speakers.

Our team of Harker parents is reaching out to other Harker parents to engage them and their companies in two ways: as exhibitors and/or event volunteers. Look below for more details about exhibiting and volunteering.
Visit the Research Symposium website
This Year’s Theme
For our 12th annual symposium, the committee has selected “Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence” as the theme. We are very excited that world-renowned AI expert Dr. Fei-Fei Li will be the morning keynote speaker. And in the afternoon, the Oculus Rift team from Facebook will conduct a talk. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are transcending their roots in gaming and becoming an essential application in diverse fields such as education, telecommunications, sports, fashion and entertainment. VR is being used by the military for battlefield, vehicular and flight simulation and battlefield medical training. In addition, NeuroVR, the world’s most advanced virtual reality neurosurgical simulator, provides a real-world virtual training experience for medical students and physicians. Companies such as Google, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Leap Motion, Sixense and Nvidia are jumping to attract developers and to provide end-users with a cutting edge VR platform and applications.
Become an Exhibitor (or suggest one)
We are looking for corporate or institutional exhibits that are a demonstration of the latest advances in technology and business innovation and entrepreneurship for the Harker student community. Hosting a table in the exhibit hall allows you to interact directly with our community and raise awareness of your company among not only our students, but their parents as well. There is no cost to participate. Exhibitor tables host a variety of activities and you are welcome to have giveaways or a raffle. All exhibitors are eligible to display their banners at the event and the corporate logos will be included in our program guide and on our website. Past exhibitors include Intel, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Motorola, Mobility, eBay and Lockheed Martin. General information and a listing of all past exhibitors can be found at the symposium website.

For information on how to become an exhibitor, or to let us know of a potential exhibitor, please contact one of the parent volunteers on the 2017 outreach committee:
Shu Jin (shujin_us@yahoo.com)
Jeanette Hajjar (jbhajjar@gmail.com)
John Hu (johnrhu@yahoo.com)
Sudhir Wadhwa (sudhir.wadhwa@gmail.com)
Jin Cheng (jin3cheng2@yahoo.com)
Jie Tang (baozij@yahoo.com)
Dr. Shanthi Shivakumar (shanthi.shivakumar@gmail.com)
Wendy Shi (yurongshi99@gmail.com)
Volunteer for the Event
Parents can be very helpful preparing for and helping during the event. Opportunities range from making badges and signs, setting up, cleaning up and staffing various stations and registration. For questions about volunteering, please contact Teré Aceves, director of grades 6-12 & alumni volunteer programs and director of event fundraising, at tere.aceves@harker.org. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using our online sign-up sheet.
Thank you for your assistance in making the 2017 Harker Research Symposium a great success! We look forward to seeing you there.

Anita Chetty
Upper School Science Department Chair and 2017 Symposium Director
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