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To All Harker Parents,
Upcoming Harker Parent Connect Events (see list below)
Below, you will find the spring offerings for the Harker Parent Connect series. We hope you enjoy these presentations.

Harker frequently hosts, sponsors or shares parent education events for our families to learn about and discuss important topics relevant to the raising of informed, healthy and happy children. These Harker Parent Connect events are noted in the main school calendar as “(HPC).” You can customize your calendar settings to select the HPC sub-calendar, and then you’ll be able to see them all at a glance.

We will send periodic Harker Parent Connect emails to all families with the dates compiled for the coming months so you can plan ahead. Details about these events are in the calendar item and/or will be outlined in emails. Attendance at these events is optional. For more social opportunities organized by grade level parents, look for the “Parent-Organized Events” in the calendar denoted with a little puzzle piece icon.

As more events are scheduled, we will add them to our HPC listings. The list below includes the slate of presenters for the Peninsula-based Common Ground Speaker Series. Harker is a member school of the Common Ground consortium, so all presentations are free to you.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Jennifer Gargano
Assistant Head of School, Academic Affairs
Harker Events
Grade-level Q&As | throughout the year
These sessions are a chance to have your questions answered by various faculty, staff or administrators, and mingle with fellow parents. Registration or RSVP links will be on the calendar and will be in the emails you will receive before each Q&A that is relevant to you.
Common Ground Events
For details on all Common Ground events this season, and to register to receive the Zoom links, visit the Common Ground website. You can also sign up to receive reminders about registration for each event as it approaches.

You may access videos to all previous Common Grounds presentations at their website. Password: CGSSVideo202!
Tues., March 29 | 7-8:15 p.m.
“One Trusted Adult: Building Mentoring and Caring Relationships”
Brooklyn Raney, educator and author

Research shows that just one trusted adult can have a profound effect on a child’s life, influencing a young person toward positive growth, greater engagement in school and community activities, better overall health, and prevention of risky and threatening behaviors. Educator and author Brooklyn Raney will share insights on how child-centered educational cultures reinforce trust and accountability.

Thurs., May 5 | 7-8:15 p.m.
“What Your Teens are Doing Online and How It Makes Them Feel”

If it feels like your kids are spending all their time online, you’re not wrong! New research from Common Sense Media shows media use for tweens and teens has grown faster since the start of the pandemic than it has over the last four years. For parents and caregivers, managing media use can feel like a losing battle – how do you set appropriate boundaries when their lives are spent almost entirely online? We’ll look at the content behind the data to better understand how your kids’ online activities make them feel – good, bad, or somewhere in between – and use that information to feel empowered about setting boundaries to help your teens find a happy, healthy balance with media.
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