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Gym and Theater Construction
Here’s this month’s update of the exciting and historic construction of the new gym and theater on the upper school campus. Enjoy!
Note: We’ll be taking a break from our construction updates for the holidays and look forward to providing more news in January.
Message from the Head
As the school year continues, the progress made on the new gym and theater becomes more and more evident. Concrete walls are rising and will soon begin to reshape the skyline at our Saratoga campus.

Your support will transform our students’ educational experience, and we are very grateful to you. I look forward to the day when we won’t be able to imagine campus life before the new gym and theater. Read on and click through for more news, photos, and video about this amazing project!

Chris Nikoloff
Head of School
Each update we will focus on a particular feature of the gym and theater project. Our feature of this month is the gym floor.
New gym floor will optimize performance
The floor in the new gym will be of high-quality maple, designed specifically for athletics. It will be a floating system with several layers of material and rubber bumpers to maximize resilience and rebound; these qualities will absorb fall impact for the athletes, minimizing injury.

The floor will be lined with two volleyball and two basketball cross courts, with a drop-down net between them to allow two competitive games to run simultaneously. There will also be one main basketball and volleyball court for league and championship matches.

According to Dan Molin, upper school athletic director, “A quality gym surface for our kids to practice and compete on will help elevate our level of play. Our kids and coaches are absolutely excited about the new facility. A sparkling new, superior floor is a signature piece of any gymnasium, and ours promises to be exceptional.”
Construction Video Cover
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Behind the scenes
This month’s behind-the-scenes video features walls! The basement walls are nearly complete and backfilling has begun. With time-lapse photography and regular coverage we will continue to share photos, videos, drawings and more to update you on this historic project!
How to help
We are grateful for your participation in this project. Yet we still need additional support to complete the construction. If you are interested in increasing your support please contact Joe Rosenthal, executive director of advancement, at joe.rosenthal@harker.org. You can also help by encouraging your fellow community members to join you in supporting the project.
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