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Common Ground Event
Tues., Jan. 30 | 7 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, 13601 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga
“Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids”

Dear Harker Families –

We want to remind you of the upcoming Common Ground presentation titled “Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids” with Dr. Laura Markham, on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School on 13601 Saratoga Ave. in Saratoga. Dr. Laura Markham is a trained clinical psychologist and is the author of “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” and “Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings.” She is the founding editor of AhaParenting.com, which contains a wealth of parenting resources for parents of kids of all ages. Dr. Markham also serves as a parenting expert for the Psychology Today and Mothering.com websites. Based on the latest research on brain development and clinical experience, Dr. Markham shares how fostering an emotional connection with your child creates real and lasting change. Dr. Markham explains the crucial necessity to always stay calm, parent with healthy limits, and provide empathy and clear communication to raise a self-disciplined child.

At the event, participants will learn:
Why children misbehave and how to help them want to cooperate without yelling, bribes or “consequences.”
What research shows about the ways in which children develop self-discipline.
How to connect with children and help them with their emotions.
Why yelling and timeouts actually cause more misbehavior.
How you can create the relationship that you want with your child.
To grow and evolve alongside your children’s own growth and development.
Below, please find some short videos of Dr. Markham talking about the power of operating from emotional intelligence in our parenting:
Top 5 Rules for Raising Great Kids (1 minute)
How to End the Cycle of Yelling in Your Family (2 minutes)
Raising Compassionate Kids (3 minutes)
For more information about the presentation and for alternative presentation dates and locations at Nueva and Trinity School, visit the Common Ground Website.

Jennifer Gargano
Assistant Head of School; Academic Affairs
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