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Steel Framing
Hello, Cambrian Neighbors:
We continue to thank you for your patience as we work to complete work on our middle school campus. Here is this month’s update and a short video of the classroom building interior:
The underground work within the Union Avenue path of travel (drive lanes) is complete. No more underground work is required. The concrete median strips and left turn islands have been completed and supporting striping will take place approximately the first week in February. The traffic signals will not be operational until mid-April.
Exterior window and door assemblies will be installed in both new buildings over the course of February. Both buildings should be sealed up by end of February. The first area to receive exterior windows and doors is the northside of the classroom building that faces the Barrett Ave homes. The large steel stair assembly servicing the east end of the classroom building will be installed during February. This will represent the end of any heavy steel work at either building for the remainder of the project.
Siding has begun on both buildings and will be complete once the window and door assemblies are installed. Anticipating the installation of all siding on both buildings to be completed by March 1. Painting of the exterior of both buildings will take place in latter March, weather permitting.
Roofing on the classroom building is nearly complete. The gym/theater building at the west end of the property will continue throughout February. Both roof surfaces will be complete by end of February.
Landscaping of the property will begin in early March. As a part of this process, several bioswales need be constructed to act as storm water retention basins. The construction process does require the use of large tractors for the excavation process. These bioswales will be approximately 3’ deep and 40-50’ long. This allows rain water to soak back into the valley floor aquifer so that the South Bay has a large volume of drinking water stored for use during drought periods. This underground storage of water allows the Santa Clara Valley Water District to retain and manage more water than the capacity of all the county reservoir’s combined capacity. This practice also filters the runoff water, precluding pollutants from flowing to the bay.
In general, the Harker project is continuing on schedule and will be completed on or about August 1, 2021.
We continue to work on ways we can minimize the disruption to the community and welcome any suggestions you have at any time by emailing communications@harker.org. For immediate concerns, call our construction hotline (Mon.-Fri. from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at 408.510.8035.

Thank you and take good care,

Pam Dickinson, Director
Harker Office of Communication
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