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The Harker School’s four campuses are now closed for the winter holiday break, and we will respond to inquiries when the campus and offices reopen on Mon., Jan. 4, 2016.

Harker’s annual holiday shutdown supports one of our green initiatives to conserve energy. It also supports our belief that students and families need time free of academic obligations, so finals are taken before the break and no homework is assigned over the holiday.

We understand that you may have urgent questions for the admissions team and we hope that the following information may help:

Grades 6-8 FAQs

Application Process

When is the deadline to submit my application?
All parts of the application must be complete by January 28, 2016

From you: complete online-application at photo, application fee $100-when we receive these two items, your application is active and you will now be able to see the additional supporting documents requested below

From you: download and complete parent statement, online test registration
From your school office: download and complete the top of the transcript release form and give it to your current school
From your teacher: English teacher recommendation, Math teacher recommendation (request made directly to teachers on applicant’s profile page)

Your application is complete and ready for our consideration once we have ALL the above items and your test results

I am trying to save my online application form, but it will not save.
Please make sure that all pages that show on the left side of the page have a check mark next to them. We’ve found that some people miss the question “Does this student have an alternate household?”

Supporting Documents

I haven’t submitted my application. How do I access the additional required supporting documents?
You must submit the application and application fee in order to access the additional required supporting documents.

I’ve submitted my application, what now?
In addition to the online application, you will have a number of required documents to submit. You will find these on your applicant profile page. Be sure to give your child’s current teacher plenty of time to complete the teacher recommendation form and the transcripts.

My child’s current school has a policy of not completing teacher recommendation forms. What should we do?
We are aware of a small number of schools that will not complete the teacher recommendation form. If your child falls into this category, please contact your child’s school and ask them to send a letter stating their policy. They can either send this message via email from their school email address or send a letter on their school letterhead.

My child only has one teacher for both English and Math, what do I do?
Please have your child’s current teacher complete both recommendations as they ask different questions. We will not accept recommendations from former teachers.

Can I submit additional recommendations?
While more recommendations are not necessary, if you feel additional comments would add something to the application not covered in the required forms, you may include them. Please limit any additional submissions to a single page. Anything beyond that will not be reviewed.

Have you received my forms?
Once we have received your forms, we will update the applicant checklist. These updates happen either manually or automatically depending on the document and may not appear immediately. You can always check the status of forms received on the applicant profile page.

My child’s current school is on quarter/semester system. When should they send the grades?
Please have your child’s school send the current year’s Quarter 1 grades immediately. Please have them send Quarter 2/Semester 1 grades when complete.

Admission Testing

How do I sign up for the entrance testing?
Once you have submitted the online portion of the application with the application fee, you will be able to indicate your test preference. Harker’s entrance exam is the E.R.B. Comprehensive Test IV. We will accept S.S.A.T. or the I.S.E.E. We will not accept any other test. We will administer the E.R.B. either Sat., Jan. 9 or Sat., Jan. 23, 2016. If you would plan on taking the S.S.A.T. or the I.S.E.E. please check their respective website to register. We recommend that you only take one entrance exam.

My child takes the E.R.B. at their current school. Do they need to take an entrance exam?
Applicants who take the E.R.B. at their current school do not need to take the E.R.B. at Harker. Please have your child’s current school send your child’s E.R.B. scores from last year.

Admission Events

Shadow dates, Middle School Harker Live! events dates are not showing?
If a shadow date or any other event is not showing it is because the event is already filled.

International Inquiries

Do you accept international students?
International students are invited to apply for admission. They will follow the same application process and must meet the same qualifications as our local residents. It is absolutely necessary that a student be fluent and literate in English, as full English fluency is required for all course material. In addition to the required application and supporting documents, the entrance exam is given at Harker on a Saturday at the end of January. We do not offer ELL (English Language Learner) support nor do we have a home-stay program.

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